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The Music Library

Listen to tracks:
by clicking on the play icon to the left hand side of each track ( see image below ).

View alternative versions:
submixes, variations, stems and loops by clicking the ‘Expand All (+)’ button on the right hand side.

Use our filters:
( to your left ) to refine your search for tracks. The more filters you select, the narrower the search becomes.

To make a purchase:
click on the cart icon ( to the right of the track ) to add tracks to your basket.

Set License Type:
click on ’’Set Usage’’ and select the proper License Type for the intended use of the music. That will display all track prices depending on License Type ( Usage ).
You can also set the Usage Type on the green banner at the top before searching. That will display all prices while searching.

Finalize your purchase:
by clicking on the purple colored BASKET ICON either at the bottom left or at the top right.

Download Tracks:
Once payment is completed you will be redirected to your access page where you can download the tracks you have purchased.

Feel free to contact us upon any questions or if you need help !

This is what it all looks like ( image below ):

About Licensing

What exactly am I purchasing ?
When you purchase music and sound you are NOT obtaining OWNERSHIP of the music or sound track, you are in fact purchasing a LICENSE to use the recording within your media production ( or for private use ), whether or not your production is released commercially. The original producer/composer of the music and sound will always retain OWNERSHIP of the recording and composition.

If I need an AIFF or mp3 file version etc, can you provide it ?
Sure, just drop us an email and we will send an alternative file version.

Are the tracks Royalty Free ? and what does that mean ?
All the music and sound listed in this library is 100% royalty free, which means that you do not need to pay any additional royalties.

Do I need to submit a cue sheet ?
Yes, but only for broadcast or theater usage. This is just industry standard.
If in doubt, you can always contact us and we will help you !

Do you have a returns policy ?
Once a track is purchased and downloaded we cannot accept the track back as it could have been duplicated.

How many times can I use a track ?
The license you select applies to the use of the track. If you buy a “personal/home” license and want to use the track in a broadcast or for business use, you will need to ”upgrade” to the appropriate license.
You can use the track as many times in that project as you wish as long as it meets the license agreement.

Make changes to a music track ?
If you need any changes to a music track that you have purchased (i.e. in length or mix etc.) we can do so. Just contact us !

Royalty Free Music Explained

The term royalty free means free of mechanical royalties. These are royalties that you would pay if you used commercially-released or library music in your production every time you made a copy of the music. That is to say every time a piece of music plays in your production you are making a copy, so you pay a fee. The fee amount depends on; how long the music is featured each time it plays, how and where the production will be used and how many times the production will be duplicated.

A lot of ´royalty free´ music websites use the term quite loosely and the fee you pay for a licence will vary considerably depending on how many copies are to be made or how and where the production will be broadcast or distributed. With Soundtrack Bay you pay a set fee which covers you for unlimited copies, any kind of broadcast and world territory.
However, the License Fee covers one project only ( Film, TV production, Audio book etc ). Should you wish to use the same music track in another production you will need to purchase another license. Or you can purchase a one fee Buy Out License ( License C ) that grants you the right to use the music in unlimited productions for unlimited time.

The term ‘royalty free’ does not mean free of performance royalties. These are royalties that are generated when music is performed publicly (eg broadcast on television or radio or played in a cinema or theatre etc). These royalties are funded from the broadcaster’s licence fee ( not You ) that is paid to the relevant performing rights organisation ( PRO ). The performing rights organisation will then distribute these royalties to the composer or copyright owner.

If your production is to be performed publicly, please fill in performing rights organization ”cue sheets”. These inform the broadcaster of the music title, composer name, copyright owner and duration of the music used in your production. This information is passed on to the relevant performing rights organisation who then pay the copyright owner the royalties they are due. This is standard industry praxis and costs you nothing – but ensures the performance royalties generated go to the composer.

If you have any questions or if you need any help please feel free to contact us using our Contact Page


Cinema Sonix Team